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Sitemia all-in-one e-commerce solution allows you to easily create, manage and enhance your store.

Everything you need to start selling online. Try it 14 days for free. No credit card information needed. You can cancel it anytime you want.

Set Up Your Store

With expertly designed themes, exclusive spaces, intuitive functionality and more, Sitemia provides you with everything you need to build your store the way you want it.

Responsive Themes

All themes that you will use in Sitemia are suitable for all device types. Whether your customers enter your website from desktop computers or smartphones, your theme is suitable for all device infrastructures.

Theme Shop

When creating your site with Sitemia, you can select a theme you like from multiple professional theme options and easily change it from your administration panel.

Rich Content Editor

Our Easy Editor tool lets you make instant changes to your website. Moreover, you do not need to know any coding for it.


After opening your website, you can define your domain name for your brand. (For example: www.mysite.com) In this way, your customers and search engines such as Google can easily access your site.

Free and Reliable Hosting

Our free hosting service ensures that your site is secure. It also ensures that you do not pay anything other than the monthly fee you pay to Sitemia.

Navigation Editor

Give your visitors the perfect shopping experience with a variety of navigation styles designed to help them browse easily.

Product Category Pages

If you want to add subcategories, upload images, manage SEO or all of the above, we have all the tools you need to customize products.

Search Functionality

Help your visitors find your products quickly and easily with our advanced search tools.

Home Slideshow

With our free, professionally designed Slideshow feature, highlight everything you want to announce on your home page directly!

Logo + Favicon Upload

Display your brand on your site with our built-in promotional tools.

Sell Your Products

With remarkable product pages, an intuitive ordering system, comprehensive payment transactions and more, Sitemia makes it easy for you to start selling.

Product Pages

Complete your products with multiple photos, videos and options that intelligently display everything that’s great about what you sell.

Order Processing

We’re behind you when the orders start to arrive. Sitemia allows you to easily process your orders, whether from desktop or mobile platforms, so you can sell more!

Payment Infrastructures

You can accept payments by credit cards, bank transfer and pay on the delivery

Secure Payment

You focus on your customers. Stay peaceful when getting paid with our secure and PCI certified payment infrastructure.

Secure Site

Sitemia guarantees 99.9% uptime of your store. In addition, our SSL certificates make your store more protected and Google-friendly.

Shipping Options

With Sitemia, you can specify shipping types, offer special discounts on a per-piece, weight-based, product-based basis, and specify total shipping charges.

Product Customization

Give your customers the opportunity to comment on the product, share on social media, receive notifications of compliance.

Repetitive Pricing

Do you have a product that you need to get paid regularly? Sitemia makes it easy to get paid on time with our regular payment tool.

Merchant Codes

Generate custom codes for merchants that make managing stocks simple and efficient.

Similar Products

Encourage customers to purchase more with our Related Products feature, which shows items related to previous purchases.

Stock Management

Eliminate the stress of stock management with our easy-to-use system that displays product status, monitors stock and order quantities, provides quantity verification, and sends low stock alerts.

Manage Customer Accounts

Don’t keep your attention away from your customers. Easily remark to your existing customers with our advanced management system that lets you see your customers’ purchase history and contact information.

Manage Customer Reviews

Get your customers’ opinions and get to know your customers with detailed customer review management

Receiving Payments in Different Currencies

With our easy and stylish localization tools, you can change the currency and sell worldwide.

Manage Refunds

Eliminate headaches caused by return management with our simple and intuitive system.

Grow Your Business

Sitemia’s most advanced SEO tools, social media integrations, and reporting features make it easier for you to bring your interest to your website while taking your business further.

Powerful SEO

Easily manage all your metadata (such as annotations, title tags, URLs, and more) to keep your pages, products, and categories SEO-friendly.

Social media management

By connecting your social accounts to your website, you can make it easier for your visitors to find you and your brand and increase your communication with them.

İndirimler Oluşturun

Özel zamanlarda, belirli para birimi tutarında indirimler yaratarak müşterilerinizin daha fazla alışveriş yapmasını sağlayın.

Communication Tools

Contact your visitors directly from your site with our powerful and advanced communication tools and strengthen your customer relations.

Site Analysis

Find out how many people visit your site daily and instantly. And measure the return on your investments.

Corporate E-Mail

Have your own business email account with Sitemia. Look professional, strengthen your reputation and promote your brand.

Unlimited Web Pages

Add as many pages as you want. You can even add sub-pages to make your site look more organized. In this way, give your customers a more professional service.

Technıcal Support

Thanks to Sitemia’s customer-oriented services, we are always there for you. We are always with you with our expert team in every subject from our site setup to growing your business.


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